Maura Blair is all about psychotherapy, wellness consulting & stress management

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“Maura is an inspiration to work with. She is an amazing mentor, an excellent listener and a motivating partner. I am grateful everyday to know and work with Maura!”
Stefanie Noland, MA, Board Certified Behavior Analyst
“Maura gets my highest recommendation as a mentor! Her dedication to her work and to her team regardless of the circumstances that life brings is inspiring. Maura has a unique ability to listen carefully, providing suggestions that are helpful in bettering me as a person and as an entrepreneur. Not only has she helped to revolutionize my thinking as a new business women ready to take on the world, but my actions as well. She has a commitment to excellence with a no-quit spirit that is contagious and I have really enjoyed working with her. I know with certainty that Maura has helped me in becoming the person I am today because of her guidance, patience and support. I am blessed to have such a rock star mentor and a friend as well.”
“Maura is a smart, well centered, compassionate visionary with a passion to find the ultimate purpose that life holds, and to share that with others.”
Melinda Dyer, Entrepreneur
“Maura is a gifted clinician—wise, attentive, and compassionate. She listens intently and non-judgmentally, meeting people where they are and helping them to cope with and grow through the many challenges that life can present.”
“Maura has great empathy for others, is patient, honest and is an amazing listener. She is strong-willed, and is a role model and an inspiration!”